Alternate Giving

If you would like to donate in honor of someone, in memory, as a gift for a birthday, loss or any occasion, you may do so by e-mailing or calling 919-831-2011. Your request will be filled within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Please make sure to include your contact information (name and phone number), as well as the amount you’d like to donate, and the recipient’s name and address if you would like for us to mail an acknowledgement card for the occasion.

This is a great way to acknowledge any occasion. By donating to us, the receiver will know that your gift gave someone in need a free meal. What greater gift is there than knowing that you helped someone less fortunate?

We can mail an acknowledgement card for any of the following occasions:

In Memory Of

With Special Thanks/Thank You

In Honor Of

Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary

Boss’ Day

To Grandparents, Co-workers, Family and Friends