Interested in Volunteering With This Great Organization?


Thank you! Our kitchen could not operate without the year-round dedication of enthusiastic volunteers. We welcome nearly 10,000 volunteers each year: dedicated individuals, corporate teams, school and church groups, high school students (13 and older) and many others from all walks of life.

Each month, almost 8,000 pounds of donated food is used to create about 250 hot meals a day, which are served free to anyone who comes to our door; no questions asked.

Most volunteers, who have had the honor of serving, work hard and, inevitably, leave the kitchen with the undeniable sense that they have personally gained more than they have given. Come see for yourself.

Signing Up to Volunteer

  • We serve 200 – 300 people from 11am to 12pm Monday through Friday
  • Volunteers must sign up in advance, in one of 3 ways:
  • Please be aware that we don’t award for, nor acknowledge, court mandated hours or attorney requested hours
  • Volunteers will be scheduled into available openings, typically 4-6 weeks in advance
  • Volunteer shifts run from 9:30am to 12:30pm (this includes prep, serving and clean-up)
  • With some exception, we can accommodate groups of 8 people maximum per day per group, and ask that you do not bring additional, unscheduled volunteers with you on your day of service, as we try to manage space, assignments and headcount.
  • Once you are scheduled, it is important that you notify the kitchen if you cannot make your date. We will be counting on you.
  • Like all downtown venues, our parking is limited. Public parking is located across the street from the kitchen at the corner of Morgan and McDowell.

Go ahead! Take the first step in participating in a truly remarkable mission of service.

Working with the staff at Shepherd’s Table was amazing – they are so thoughtful and make the whole experience fun!  Without a doubt, this is one of the best opportunities in Raleigh to give a little back to the community, I’d recommend it to everyone!

Sarah S.

Financial Analyst

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